Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Core Audio playlist July 1 08

She Closes Her Sister WIth Heavy Bones: Nick Didkovsky
7m24s: Z'ev And Ramona Ponzini
Six Guitars: Collection of colonies of bees
This Is A Portrait: Nicolas Bernier
Grand Style: Byetone
U_07: Alva Noto
Peripheral Artifacts: Deadbeat

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Core Audio playlist June 10 08

Nob: Slowcream
Isregn: Neubau
Passing Out: BJ Nilsen & Stilluppsteypa
Up, Down, Strange, Top, Bottom: @ C
Idle: Kanding Ray
Lying: Coh
U-04: Alva Noto
Test Pattern #1010: Ryoji Ikdea
Module 1: Alva Noto

Monday, May 12, 2008

Core Audio playlist May 12 08

Boat: Lodz
Charas: Dan Burke + Thomas Dimuzio
Listen to the morning sleeping: Savvas Ysatis and Taylor Deupree
Hoofdweg/Deliplein: Kasper Van Hoek
After 7 weeks: Derek Bailey
Anode 3: Otomo Yoshihide
Amen 1: Organum
Omega 1: Organum
Live in Lowell: Dan Burke

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Core Audio playlist Apr 28 08

Reperto: Tape
Permanent Yesterday: Yasushi Yoshida
Christian Fennesz plays Charles Matthews: Christian Fennesz
Shining: Philip Jeck
Scene 27 Symphony: Yoshio Machida
In memoriam collegii: Baudouin Oosterlynck
Voluta Musica: Nicola Ratti

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Core Audio playlist Apr 09 08

In a way :Letter Letters
My life is full of rivers and mountains: Arbol
Sihl Tr.4: Jason Kahn
Silent Landscapes n° 4: Robert Curgenven
Fear of flying: Taylor Deupree
Ventilation: Jean-Pierre Gauthier
Andover (Autechre Remix): Francesco Tristano
We have landed: Hahn Rowe
Dramazon: Novi_sad

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Core Audio playlist Mar 19 07

Don’t feed blue: Tangtype
How The Unencumbered Soul advises that One not refuse the Calls of a Good Spirit: Brethren Of The Free Spirit
Wire Cage For Tiny Birds: Autistici
Sleeping Simulation: Simon Lenski/Bo Wiget
Soba Ghost Horse Hells: KTL
Bones In The Sand: Angel
He contemplates the sign: Fear Falls Burning
Die Ufer Sind In Feindes Hand: AGF
Chenc9-x: Autechre

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Core Audio playlist Feb 26 08

Thole: Machinefabriek & Soccer Committee
Home: Jasper TX
Tritone Octave 4: Charlemagne Palestine
Horse sings from Cloud: Pauline Oliveros
Blisters: Peter Wright
Glass Floor Vertigo: Peter Wright
When it was calmer the bleeding stopped: Peter Wright
The Sinking Of The Titanic: Gavin Bryers / Philip Jeck
Altars of science 2: Marcus Schmickler
On a desolate shore a shadow passes by: Fennesz

Monday, February 11, 2008

Core Audio playlist Feb 11 08

C A F 0.2n 1: Aleph -1
Zone 1: Ryoji Ikeda
Module 5: Alva Noto
Plastic Star: Byetone
Analord: Luke Vibert
Scene: Vladislav Delay
Vigillia: Kammerflimmer Kollektief
Sálfræingur deyr: Johan Johannsson
aauuttooppooiieessiis: Arno Steinacher
Via L4-Norte: Németh
Thirsty Boots: Oren Ambarchi

Monday, January 28, 2008

Core Audio playlist Jan 28 08

Derrière: Gogoo
Additive Rhythm (CoH remix): Yaporigami
Obscure_D: Yunchul Kim
Night Shift: Christina Kubisch
The Cat's Dream: Christina Kubisch
The Well: Justin Bennett
Untrue: Burial
Paralel Suns: Autechre
fwzE: Autechre
Volcan Veins: Clark

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Core Audio playlist Jan 15 08

A perfect friend: Jari Houtari
Drfit: Lokai
Crystal Emptiness: Bpolar
Dirt: Yair Etziony
Superposing Five Harmonic States: Minoru Sato + Asuna
Lovozero: Pomassl
Costa Del Luna: Timo Van Luijk + Kris Vanderstraeten
Undetected Signal: CM Von Hausswolff
Points, Mouvements: Claude Ballif
L'enfer est intime: Club Moral

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Core Audio playlist Nov 28 07

Enseignement sur la méditation: Bokar Rimpoché
Bols Tibétains: Bokar Rimpoché
News (Remix): Lukas Simonis & Takayuki Kawabata
Augustan Chateau: Tape
The buffer zone: Yannis Kiriakides
Passepass: Sawako
Minor Curations: Formatt
Three inscapes: part 3: Douglas Lilburn
Panoptikum: Alireza Mashayekhi
Micro Tuning: Ata Ebtakar aka Sote
Single Single: Kapotski + Othin Spake
Misen Gymnastics: Oorutaichi

Monday, November 12, 2007

Core Audio playlist Nov 12 07

Untitled Landscapes one - track2: Stimulus
Zonder Morgen: Kraken
A2D ph2: Weevan Stood
Auscultation: David Toop
Neo 4: Matt Rösner
Comment: Fari Bradley
Frames: Tim Hecker
Untitled: Fear Falls Burning & Birchville Cat Motel

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Core Audio playlist Oct 24 07

Front: BJ Nilsen
Inamorata: Oren Ambarchi
Oort: Murcof
Cello Drowning: Aaron Martin & Machinefabriek
E/R: Sylvain Chauveau
Weather: Andy Moor
8.6: Supersilent
Andante Facile: COH

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Core Audio playlist Oct 03 07

Dambala: Cloudland Canyon
Signed I Wish You Well: Helios
After the other one: Robert Horton
Snowblind: Mika Vainio
L’ïle Re-Sonante: Eliane Radigue
Space Stream: Jason Kahn
Timeless: Jessica Rylan
Dark over light Earth: Steve Roden with Jacob Danziger
Electricity is a scarce commodity: The Fun Years

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Core Audio playlist Sep 19 07

No Fish: Felix Kubin
Ich Traeume Nur In Super-8: Felix Kubin
North: Valet
Straight Arrow: In Be Tween Noise
We love you Michael Gira: Ben Frost
Fuochi (Introduzione): Mario Bertoncini
Listening Garden Tr.1: Taylor Deupree & Christopher Willits
Data. Syntax: Ryoji Ikeda
Fizpatrick: Ricardo Villalobos & Patrick Ense
Mystical Warrior: Appleblim
Bamboo Banga: M.I.A.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Core Audio playlist Sep 05 07

The Holy Down: Gravetemple
False Soap: 3 eggs
Fabrication: Asmus Tietchens + Richard Chartier
Expand: Heribert Friedl
Mountain Jam: Irr.App
Evening Scars: William Basinski

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Core Audio playlist Aug 29 07

This is our last show on FM Brussel radio. From September on, we'll still have our show, but only available through the FM Brussel website. More info soon!

Thanks for listening!

Tempt: Richard Chartier
Spectral: Joyce Hinterding
Moving Violation: Oren Ambarchi
1/4: I8U + Magali Babin
Blast: Shuttle358
Ääniesineitä 11: Antti Rannisto
Antenne: Bretschneider + Steinbrüchel
Pitch - Pine: Frederik Croene & Esther Venrooy
Kilvo: Radian
Hahmo: Pan Sonic
Szabo: Fennesz
C7: Ryoji Ikeda and Carston Nicolai
Autoshape: Alva Noto

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Core Audio playlist Aug 22 07

Trans~: Bernhard Günter + Heribert Friedl
Back1: Heribert Friedl
0.4: Heribert Friedl
Cracking: O'Lamm
A soft throbbing of time: Frank Bretschneider
Ermaf: Signal
Naplafa: Signal
In Absentia: Dean King
Parallel: Steinbrüchel
Into the Pandemonium: Lasse Marhaug

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Core Audio playlist Aug 15 07

This week's show was compiled by DJ Sensu, one of Brussels' finest!

Trans: Karlheinz Stockhausen
The Silver State: Mannequin Lung
Infinition: Quadrant
Dreams of Leaving: The Human League
Farmer in the city: Scott Walker
Ba-Benzélé: Jon Hassell + Brian Eno
Neptune: Model 500
Distant Lights: Burial
Track with no name: Forgemasters

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Core Audio playlist Aug 08 07

Oedema: Maeko
Remnants: Origamibiro
Fear Falls Burning vs Final: Fear Falls Burning
Fear Falls Burning vs Freiband: Fear Falls Burning
Fear Falls Burning vs Stefano Pilia: Fear Falls Burning
Such a nice day she said to me: SRX
Innocence: Unitxt Remodel Twelve Inch Remix: Alva Noto
Laptev Sea: Pan Sonic
Live at Le Bonheur: Eavesdropper

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Core Audio playlist Aug 01 07

Jamaica Heinekens in Brooklyn, Fragment, 1998: Charlemagne Palestine
Copenhagen Postmen’s Orchestra: Annika Eriksson
Wittgenstein thinks, sings and thinks some more: David Moss
Music for soprano with slow sweep pure wave: Alvin Lucier
Phase 1, Braunmusic, 1996: Johannes Wohnseifer
Radio Teeth Edit 1997: Carsten Nicolai
Let’s go that way: Teleferick
Reznicek: Derivat Akurat 97
Marche du jeune homme: Gabor Deutsch

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Core Audio playlist July 25 07

Amorph: Fennesz + Sakamoto
Desert Road: Lawrence English
Sunlight: Max Richter
The Chair: Rishaug & Marhaug
Live at the Cactus Tree Motel: Kammerflimmer Kollektief
No Weight Tonight: Simon Fisher Turner
Rockslide: Andrew Pekler
Refund me: Deadbeat
Nine: Kanding Ray
Rapid Eye Movement: Radian
Current: Pan Sonic
Tematre: Object

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Core Audio playlist June 18 07

Echoes of Green Well: Family Underground
Divergence Eve: Track 2: Silvercords
No part of me could summon a voice: Markus Reuter
Kiosk in Furadis: Ran Slavin
Palace Track 5: The Los Domain
Sky Voltage (Reeds): A.M.
Gauntlet: Kevin Drumm & Daniel Menche
Gift: Tujiko Noriko
Snow 2: KTL

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Core Audio playlist July 4 07

Anytime Soon : Kingfisherg
D>>2 : The Fun Years
Warriors Lodge : Family Underground
Divergence Eve : Silvercords
Miles Away From Fear : Kingfisherg
The Young The Faceless And The Codes : Von Südefed
Bug Trackin : Super_Collider
Live Recording@Raygun : FS Blumm
The Sound of Islay - a report from the Hebrides : Chris Watson

Monday, June 25, 2007

Core Audio playlist June 27 07

Happening Tone: Jan Jelinek
Haliod Xerrox Copy 4: Alva Noto
Pathogenic Agent: Senking
Mono: Fennesz + Sakamoto
Dadaist: Kangding Ray
Steady State: Andrew Pekler
Ääniesineitä 03: Antti Rannisto
Huone 11: Mika Vainio
Okazaki Fragment: Radian
Path.#2: COH
Hyönteisista / About Insects: Pan Sonic
Sounds For Radio: Henry Jacobs
Difference in opinion: Object

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Core Audio playlist June 20 07

Sun Against My Eyes: Colleen
Palimpsest: Kammerflimmer Kollektief
The Previous Step: Mauro Antonio Pawlowski
The Emperor’s Shy Bladder: Mauro Antonio Pawlowski
Transmission: Pan Sonic
Rabbit Snare: Throbbing Gristle
Half a moment: Schants
For perpetual youth, what would you do?: Karen Elliot
Saprochord: Ultralyd
Antitank: Pia Burnette & Felix Kubin
For Barry Ray (Type Podcast): John Chantler

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Core Audio playlist June 13 07

A special message from Peggy Phelan: Laurence Rassel & Terre Thaemlitz
Summer: A&E
All Things to All People: Vert
Roomsound: Andrew Pekler
Burmajuana: Valet
Oslo: Silencio
Nowhere: Wixel
Soft Temple: The Grails
The Final Option: Oren Ambarchi

Monday, June 11, 2007

Core Audio playlist June 6 07

He Tulivat Taivaan Ääristä : Kemialliset Ystävät
Escape : Spaceheads & Max Eastley
Be Invisible : Rothko
Reality Distortion Field : Alvars Orkester
Philomela : Marhaug l Asheim
An example of what i meant : Mike Hansen
Amorph : Fennesz + Sakamoto
no title : Fear Falls Burning & Nadja
Great Day : Senking
Haliod Xerrox Copy 111 (Iner) : Carsten Nicolai

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Core Audio playlist May 30 07

aare am marzilibad: Manu Holterbach
Scarlett Arrives: Janek Schaefer
The day before the day: Mike Hansen
Lamarcai: Mem1
Goethe Tanzt: Bo Wiget + Simon Lenski
Netanu: Object
Strsescape: Object
Evocation: Arve Henriksen
Ascent: Arve Henriksen
Salenius: Circle
9-sided Room: Steve Roden

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Core Audio playlist May 23 07

The White Sea - Piana
Best Boy Electric - Montag
Everything Must Go - Tim Catlin
Second Day - Maurizio Bianchi, Nobu Kasahara, Hitoshi Kojo
Iris - Hitoshi Kojo
Verres Enharmoniques - Sophie Durand & Manu Holterbach
Somerset - Machinefabriek
The Dead Sea - Xela
Ocean Out Of Wood - Svarte Greiner
String Lake - Secret Mommy
Snowflakes - Piana
Att Fälla Grova Träd Är Förknippat Med Risker - Hanna Hartman
Son Of King - Alog
Wrong Place Right Time - Opsvik & Jennings

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Core Audio playlist May 16 07

Interlude 2 Toy Box: L-R & Radiomentale
Listening to Donald Judd Track 1: Stephen Vitiello
Drummer_0404: Yannis Kyriakides
Swan: Lawrence English
Harmonium: Max Richter
Paddington: Hauschka
Mellitin: Mem1
Goethe Tanzt: Lenski + Wiget
Archon: Mikhail
Interstice: Eavesdropper
Stilnox Parties: Tuk
Une Pierre, Animal: Christophe Bailleau & Won
Erineru: Paul Wirkus
Hellucination 1: Drowningirl: Ictus

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Core Audio playlist May 09 07

Cornelia: Circle
Pretty Angels: Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson
Interference Demon & The evilone which sobs: Boris
Daughter of memory: Zaïmph
Family Feud: Von Südenfed
Pylons: Stimulus
Mädchen: Pole
Watercolor: Akira Kosemura
Scarlett: Dom Mino’
A Cheater’s Armoury: Hanne Hukkelberg
Green grass of Tunnel: Mum

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Core Audio playlist May 2 07

The Golden Mean : Charlemagne Palestine
Scanning : Vintage 909
Nmperign Live : Nmperign
Koji Asano Live : Koji Asano
Rebetika : Yannis Kyriakides & Andy Moor
Don't Touch Me! (I Hate You Sometimes) : Peter Dowling
Madame de Shanghai : Luc Ferrari
The Art of Mirrors : Max Richter

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Some weeks ago we got in touch with a Scotland-based downloads-only label called Seven Things. They started out in 2005 and they already released an impressive amount of very refined music and sounds. Before buying a work, one can even download a free 7-minute mp3 with a brief introduction to the artist and the work in question.
Tomorrow in Core Audio we'll spoil your ears with one hour of the label's finest music and an interview with the man in charge, John Harris.

Check out their artists, podcasts and the latest news
Seven Things

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Core Audio playlist Apr 25 07

Cast Anchor: Hanne Hukkelberg
Eels: John Fahey
Trottinette: Simon Lenski + Bo Wiget
Soundscape 2: Berlin: Hallvardus Asgeirsson
Variation 2: Keiichiro Shibuya + Norbert Moslang + Toshimaru Nakamura
Elephants: Tussle
The Sun Never Sets: Kieran Hebden & Steve Reid
Self-Made Rhythm Box Demonstration: Jos Steen
Tulevaisuus-Menneisyys=1: Shogun Kunitoki
Some beats with consequences: Sepia Hours
Cristalización Espontánea: Anla Courtis & Ralf Wehowsky

Friday, April 20, 2007

Upload is ok

Hi all,

The upload issue is solved now, so go go go, download the show!


Thursday, April 19, 2007

upload trouble

There seems to be a litte glitch in the automatic update for our downloadable radio show. I'm sure it'll be fixed soon, but we'll notify you anyway when it's up.

Sorry for the trouble

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Core Audio playlist Apr 18 07

A meaningful moment through a meaning(less) process: Stars of the Lid
ii: On
Listening to your party: Bexar Bexar
Laulu Jo Menneestä: Islaja
Snaks Whistle Boat: Chamellows
I know how you frown Tr.3: Toshimaru Nakamura + Nicholas Bussmann
Amazing Daze: Marcus Schmickler + Hayden Chisholm
Procrasti: Babils
Locked-In: Eavesdropper
Frowzy Wool: Yvat
Reelizdimdumb: loO°

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Playlist Core Audio April 11 07

00:00:00.00 robert lippok
00:04:17.76 senking
00:09:45.85 kangding ray
00:11:48:23 COH
00:16:16.50 modul
00:21:26.05 signal
00:28:26.05 pixel
00:34:54.99 ryoji ikeda
00:41:39.50 alva noto
00:47:12.63 kangding ray
00:51:49.53 richard chartier
00:56:29.81 blir

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Interview with Knut Aufermann & Sarah Washington

Download the radiobroadcast of this week (4/4/07) to relisten the interview we had with Knut Aufermann.
Together with Sarah Washington he created the art project 'Mobile Radio'.
These are the very refined weblinks Knut suggested to us:
Mobile Radio

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Core Audio playlist Apr 04 07

Raw Mouth Shape: David Toop
Cool noises: L-R & Radiomentale
Livequartet: Sarah Washington & Knut Aufermann
Schnitzel: Sarah Washington & Knut Aufermann
Movement I: Andreas Bertilsson
Boule qui roule ...: Jean-François Laporte
Subtonik: WoO
Manima No Lemon: Moskitoo
Pictures of piano notes: Ultre
Not a good place: Apparat

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Core Audio playlist Mar 28 07

Make the land: Olivia Block
Matinale: Christophe Bailleau & Won
Scratch Music: Keith Rowe
Tr.4: Guiseppe Ielasi: Hapna 28: Guiseppe Ielasi
Headlights: Triosk
Liccflii: Autechre
Swimming Pool: Jacob Kirkegaard
Measurement of noise: Rafael Toral
500: KK Null
Live in London: Touch podcast: Leif Elggren

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Core Audio playlist Mar 21 07

Space Part I: Rafael Toral
Radio: Rafael Toral
Portable Amplifier 3: Rafael Toral
Echo-Feed : Rafael Toral
We slowly lift ourselves from dust Side B: Fear Falls Burning
Echoes part 2: from "The Amplifier Drone": Fear Falls Burning
Woes of the Desolate Mourner side A: Fear Falls Burning
Numb with Grace: Fear Falls Burning
Space Part I: Rafael Toral
Radio: Rafael Toral
Portable Amplifier 3: Rafael Toral

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Fear Falls Burning + Rafael Toral

Next Wednesday, March 21, we'll have a special edition of our Core Audio radio show, focussing on belgian guitar artist Fear Falls Burning and portugese sound artist Rafael Toral. Half an hour dedicated to the beautiful guitar drones and harmonies of FFB and another 30 minutes of pure sound art, with comments of Rafael Toral himself.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Core Audio playlist Mar 14 07

Your eyes close: Michael Cashmore
Untitled in CoF Minor: Mikhail
Maenads: Mikhail
Blessed Tr.2: Hahn Rowe
Aquarium Life: The Berg Sans Nipple
Pedal Revolution: Paradise Island
Ain't No Rabbit: Rabbit
Rascalica Featuring MC Illreme: SUN OK PAPi K.O.
Tubino See-Through: Lithops
We All Go Die Tonite (Featuring MC Shade): Candie Hank
Steven Schick, Red Fish Blue Fish: Xenakis
Listening to Donald Judd: Steven Vitiello

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Core Audio playlist Mar 07 07

Listening to Donald Judd: Tr.2: Stephen Vitiello
Fried Eagle Mind: SunnO))) & Boris
Copenhagen: Birchville Cat Motel
Trazo Mozart: Pierre Bastien
Demolition: Philip Jeck
Paragraphs Relentless: Dälek
Sylvenstein: Pole
Flambe in paradise: Brian James
Touchpod podcast: Scott Taylor

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Core Audio playlist Feb 28 07

Don’t Stop: Uské Orchestra: Mouse On Mars Remix
Now: Curtis Roads
Pour percussions, ponceuse, frappes sur clavier de téléphone: Israël Quellet
End Game: Lawrence English
Unknown: Helena Gough
Alaska Fir: Esther Venrooy & Frederik Croene
Klavierhelm: Conrad Schnitzler
Joan of Arc: Tony Conrad
An aural symbiotic mystery: Charlemagne Palestine + Tony Conrad
Lump: James Holden

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Core Audio playlist Feb 21 07

Lost Precision: Jonas Braasch
Savage Ritual: Xela
7: M. Takara
Two across the mouth: Boduf Songs
Arcana 19: Kuniharu Akiyama
The Creep: Slomo
She Will Freeze: Ignatz

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Core Audio playlist Feb 14 07

Drowningirl 3: Fausto Romitelli/ Ictus
Touchless 2: International Theremin Orchestra
Theremin Orchestra: International Theremin Orchestra
Heavy Loops: Liesl Ujvary
Il Suono Venuto dallo Spazio Part one: My Cat is an Alien
Specification.Fifteen: Richard Chartier & Taylor Deupree
The River Part 1: William Basinski
Invisible: Monolake
Oren Ambarchi Live: Oren Ambarchi

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Core Audio playlist Feb 07 07

Gal-Fel (Informed): Xela
Intentions: CD 1: Perlonex
Sociologist_0158: Yannis Kyriakides
Scene Unobserved: Jon Appleton
Plexus II: Tr.1: Encre
Paeoniflorum: Mem 1
In the morning: Leafcutter John
Stilnox Parties: Tuk

Monday, February 05, 2007

Core Audio playlist May 2 07

The Golden Mean : Charlemagne Palestine
Scanning : Vintage 909
Nmperign Live : Nmperign
Koji Asano Live : Koji Asano
Rebetika : Yannis Kyriakides & Andy Moor
Don't Touch Me! (I Hate You Sometimes) : Peter Dowling
Madame de Shanghai : Luc Ferrari
The Art of Mirrors : Max Richter

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Core Audio playlist Jan 31 07

Dogs after Flight: Paul Wirkus
A fatal Mistake: Icuria Coss
Trans: Tr.1: Bernhard Günter + Heribert Friedl
A legend: Laurie Spiegel
Folk Cycles Tr.3: Osso Exotico + Verres Enharmoniques
Shirocco and Mistral: Niobe
Autonachmittag: To Rococo Rot
Xuanzhuan De Tuoluonidi: Wang Fan
Winged Life: Minit
Awake on a train: Mum
Space: Part 1: Rafael Toral

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Core Audio playlist Jan 24 07

Nook & Cranny: Biosphere
Flowers for Yulia: Max Richter
On the nature of daylight: Max Richter
I am sitting in a room: Alvin Lucier
(Tchaikovsky) Valse Sentimentale: Clara Rockmore
Poem Electronique: Edgar Varèse
Deep in ocean sunk the lamp of light: Aethenor
Kadonnut: Mika Vainio
Hampaat 3: Mika Vainio
I’ll read you a story: Colleen

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Core Audio playlist Jan 17 07

The Animation of Lists Tr.2: Warren Burt
Cape Uiqven: Ellen Band & David Lee Myers
Freeze Dried Canon: Mike Swinchoski
Et tournent les sons dans la garrigue: Luc Ferrari
Conviction: Conrad Schnitzler
Extremely: Second Violin
Reder at 4:30: Echran
Orange Light, a blue chair: Ansatz der Maschine
IBM 1401 Processing Unit: Johann Johannsson
Incidence: Richard Chartier

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Core Audio playlist Jan 10 07

Deflection: Peter Wright
The Chain Bridge: Peter Wright
Talirunta: Sala-Arhimo
Bursting Through the Threshold: Keijo & Jussi Karsikas
Antti Tolvi: Tanan
Untitled: Tr.3: With throats as fine as needles
Departure: Ellen Fullman
Ghost Stories: David Kristian
Uter2: Takagi Masakatsu
Het gevaar van de starre gedachte: Kraken
Untitled Track 4: KK Null + Daniel Menche

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Core Audio playlist Jan 03 07

SIGWX: Bj Nilsen - Chris Watson
Roba Sabor: Pierre Bastien
Lavoisier: Thomas Strønen
Hornswoggle: Humcrush
Morning Prayer: Kieran Hebden And Steve Reid
Taken Only Road: Mike Shannon
Nowhere To Run featuring Lotek Hi-Fi: Ghislain Poirier
Roses And Teeth For Ludwig Wittgenstein: Matmos
No Tears: Agf. 3 + Sue. C
0 : Zero Degrees (2): Ryoji Ikeda
Cyan: Kangding Ray
In triple time: Biosphere
Tauhid: Boxcutter
Dead Man Walking (feat. Virus Syndicate): Milanese
Fenix Funk 5: Aphex Twin

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Core Audio playlist Dec 27 06

Blue Ridge: Peter Wright
b: Nathan McNinch
Methusela Tree: Goldmund
Sicht: F.S. Blumm
l'Autre s'entortille: Claire Goldfarb
Camp 2: World Music On The Radio: Geir Jenssen
Electricme: Simon Fisher Turner
Hollowness: Tetuzi Akiyama
Wedding Rings & Bullets In The Same Golden Shrine [Pt. 1]: Sickoakes
Voisins: Clogs
Sand Dunes: Tape
The Floating Boat: aMute
Wageless: Fenton
Ax Mr.L.: Alva Noto + Ryuichi Sakamoto
Hellen: Lokai
Sonst_Wesentlich: Sogar
Voice Or Vice (Rise): Taylor Deupree+ Eisi

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Core Audio playlist Dec 20 06

Playlist curated by Jérôme Deuson, labelmanager of Stilll and signed artist on Intr_Version under his monniker aMute. Thanks again Jérôme for a wonderful selection and the warm company!

Dreaming: Sandro Perri
You landscape: Immune
Fermer les cercles: Henry Fool
Hit my country: aMute
The Wherewithal: Triple Burner
Anatomy and variation: Baja
The Ukranians: Vitamins for You
It's about horses: Vedette
Between our pages:Avia Gardner

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Core Audio playlist dec 13 06

Elks Will Do Just Fine: Haruki
All Bets Are Off: Sielveen Riefman
You Can’t Help Me: Melodium
It's a long way to the top: Susanna & The Magical Orchestra
Remote Viewing: Coil
There's an arrow: Animal Collective
Track 3.4: Supersilent
L'Andata: Walter Marchetti
Absent/Walking Backwards: Jodi Cave
Touchradio Podcast: Daniel Menche

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Core Audio playlist dec 06 06

Enjoy The Silence : Susanna & The Magical Orchestra
Supersilent 5 : Supersilent
Vine : Steven R. Smith
Don't Black Out : Uzi & Ari
Lux Animae II : Horatiu Radulescu
Paraboles Mix : Henri Pousseur
Parabolic Mixes : Markus Popp
Map In Hand : Seaworthy
Tottering Throne : Christmas Decorations

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Core Audio playlist nov 29 06

That Dream: Monos
Le Son du Tonneau: Dominique Petitgand
Folktales: Dan Warburton
Nonstopfilm: Pilmpiltron/Otsuo Kumagai
Nalepute: Andreas Meland
Arthur: Esther Venrooy
Wednesday: Oren Ambarchi
Zero Return: Roel Meelkop
Live at 3 feet off the ground: Francisco Lopez
Doodeskader: ROT
Cool Eyes: Kotra & Zavoloka
Machinist: Pansonic

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Core Audio playlist nov 22 06

SIGWX: Chris Watson & BJ Nilsen
Jessamine part 1: Rosy Parlane
Tingri the last truck: Geir Jenssen
Lilli: F.S. Blumm
Sophia Drifts: Paul Bradley
A pressed on Sandwich: Colin Potter + The Hafler Trio
Fancy Period: Growing
Stray Buffer: Silk Saw
Opposite of Windward: Lithops
Folding Room: John Tejada

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Core Audio playlist nov 15 06

Rational Melodies I & II : Tom Johnson
Deconstructed Windmills: Philip Samartzis
Song One: Ethan Rose
Etude 2: Pierre Boulez
Ucotherm: Radian
Voluptuous Vultures: Fe-mail
Showroom Dummies: DACM - Peter Rehberg
Cydonia: Seht
Shell Shell Bye: Taylor Deupree
Sea Horse: aMute
Jars of steam: Avia Gardner
Palmer aus Leder: Jan Jelinek

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Core Audio playlist nov 08 06

The Strangest Dream: Danielle Lemaire
Capturing Clingee Things: Danielle Lemaire
Bebe: Tujiko Noriko
Estranged: KTL
The Isaac Storm Side A-Tr.2: Daniel Padden
"Pa...Pa...Papagena!" (Papageno, La Narratrice): Michel Chinon
En concert à la salle de fêtes: Quintet Avant
Dr. Christian: Pan American
Fountain: Fourcolor
Whitecaps of White Noise Pt. 2: Tim Hecker
Caramel Cognac: Milanese
Lion VP: Vex'D

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Core Audio playlist nov 01 06

Refusenik: Andrew Pekler
Film: Aen
Both My Sides: Andrey Kiritchenko
Unbekannter Titel 4: akiyama/sugimoto/wiget
Deadheading: Simon Fisher Turner
Stabil: Kangding Ray
La petite fille 05: Eavesdropper
Sahune: Claire Goldfarb
If Not Now, Whenever: The Books
Alien: Aoki Takamasa + Tujiko Noriko
Paint It Black: Fennesz
Sinus: Pixel
Squeller: Autechre
Folk Four: Object

Monday, October 30, 2006

Core Audio playlist oct 25 06

Moral Heritage: Fe-Mail with Carlos Giffoni
Below the wall: Zeena Parkins
Iode 131:Julie Rousse
Rêve 2: Julie Rousse
Dans la soute à bagages: Julie Rousse
The glass house: Chicago Underground duo
Stereo Telepathy Academy: Spoonbender 1.1.1
Palais de mari pour piano: Morton Feldman
Dunedin Public Art Gallery: Tetuzi Akiyama + Greg Malcolm
Happy Ending: Oren Ambarchi
Bruxelles: Text of Light
Herr Bar: Chris Clark

Core Audio playlist oct 18 06

Stück 8: Luigi Archetti & Bo Wiget
Chapter One: Darren Tate
Babycat: Sinner DC
Now it is: Luwte
Sketches From Dust: Paul Bradley
Moth: Orla Wren
Electric Sunflower: Mudsuckers
Jugularis: Daniel Menche
Bolz: Apparat
Aphex Twin remix: Four Tet

Core Audio playlist oct 11 06

Sleepthru: Simon Fisher Turner
Access to rude: Simon Fisher Turner
Koffer A: F.S. Blumm
Haus & Halm: F.S. Blumm
Lazyboat: Triosk
Sand Dunes: Tape
Space Part 3: Rafael Toral
Foreigner: Andrew Liles
Piano 7 Hz: John Bischoff
Dew: Albert Ortega
Pariahs Sing Om Tr.1: Peter Wright
Flashforward: Alva Noto
Barrel Inside: Silk Saw

Core Audio playlist oct 04 06

Oujela Mine: Chris Watson
Atlantis: Rosy Parlane
KFJC California: Colin Potter
Marching Through Georgia: Goldmund
Oh: Tod Dockstader
Telegraphy by the sea: Jim Haynes
Sprawled Naked Across A Piano: M.S. Waldron / Steven Stapleton / Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson / Jim Haynes / R. K. Faulhaber
The Hexactinellidae: Coelacanth
Death of the Ankou: The North Sea & Rameses III
Coins and Crosses: Ryan Teague

Core Audio playlist sep 27 06

Live from Derby Dance Centre 2002: Matt Davis, Mark Wastell, Rhodri Davies
Smiger: Kaada
Ton Ventricule Gauche Boitille: Claire Goldfarb
Album tr.3: Mokira
Who's playing: Midaircondo
Thread: Deaf Center
Leonine: Sickoakes
Dance Studio: Secret Mommy
Ride:Schneider TM
Chartnok: Mouse On Mars
Trick Snitch: Otto Von Schirach
Love will tear us apart: Susanna & The Magical Orchestra